September 19, 2021


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‘Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult’s’ Cecilia Peck and Inbal B. Lessner: ‘Our interest was always in exploring coercion’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW] – Gold Derby

NXIVM was launched as a self-assist group, boasting such partaking however vaguely named seminars as.......

NXIVM was launched as a self-assist group, boasting such partaking however vaguely named seminars as Authorities Success Packages (ESP), However The fact was that it was truly a intercourse cult that focused youthful women, masterthoughtsed by founder Keith Raniere. And Cecilia Peck, director and co-executive producer of “Seduced: Contained in the NXIVM Cult,” was Definitely one of many Many women focused for recruitment.

Inbal [B. Lessner, lead editor and co-executive producer of the collection] And that i had an intern from a former enterprise who was A college graduate And very ininformigent and motivated. We had misplaced contact Collectively with her however in 2013 and ’14, I started receiving emails inviting me first to a women’s group and turning into More and more extra persistent in informing me I ought to come And that it’d change my life,” Peck shares at Gprevious Derby’s Meet the Specialists: Documentary panel. “And I by no means ended up attending any of the occasions, however when she emerged from NXIVM, she referred to as and said, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t understand I used to be in a cult And that i used to be being pressured to recruit you.’”

Peck met up with The woman, who tprevious her about NXIVM and launched her to completely different survivors who have been prepared To converse on digital acquired herera about their experiences (The earlier intern Did not halficipate Inside the collection). Finally, Peck and Lessner met India Oxenberg, daughter of “Dynasty” star Catherine Oxenberg, who was a member from 2011-18, having been recruited when she was simply 19 years previous. Catherine labored tirelessly for years To current NXIVM and save India, and the mcompletely different-daughter story is the central storyline in “Seduced,” which additionally follows India current day as she attends remedy and revisits former dwellings of the cult.

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“Our curiosity was On A daily basis in exploring coercion and The biggest method it was used as a system of manipulation and why are we weak, what makes our thoughtss weak to influences, particularly A type That is unethical, so these women turned The idea of informing that story,” Peck says. “India Oxenberg and her journey as An educated, youthful, liked woman at 19 All of the tactic to turning into eventually intercourseually victimized and branded in that cult … provided us with an overarching by way of line.”

The 4-half Starz collection breaks down the indoctrination Technique of NXIVM and the manipulation methods Utilized by Raniere, who was sentenced to 120 years in jail in October, to primarily brainwash these women into doing issues he needed them to do. Unseemly requests like sending a nude photograph of oneself to him Can be couched as having to do it To beat one’s fear.

“I really feel, for us, In all probability the most fascinating was the story of misogyny, the story of how most Of these women have been lured in with the promise of empowerment, this group of strong women,” Lessner states. “It was actually a bait and change as a Outcome of they turned actually subjugated And Sort of educated to hate themselves. They’re being educated with this curriculum that was infused with A lot of hatred Of women. I really feel following that course of turned our primary Perspective into this very difficult story.”

Provides Peck: “They actually turned feminine empowerment language round and used it to subjugate women. I really feel A pair of of the challenges for us was actually hpreviousing a protected space for these women who have been talking about very troublesome issues on digital acquired herera And guarantee they felt supported. [They] have been so brave To return forward. … We truly did Try and create a protected environment for them and we’re so grateful and so Joyful with them. They acquired here forward For numerous causes however primarily general to share what occurred to them So as To practice and warn completely differents And in addition as a Outcome of they’re on a therapeutic journey now that they needed to share, and that was important to us … To inform A narrative of therapeutic and empowerment.”

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