September 19, 2021


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Allison Mack Gave Feds Key Tape on Keith Raniere: Prosecutors – Law & Crime

Every week earlier than Smallville actress Allison Mack’s sentencing, federal prosecutors reveale.......

Every week earlier than Smallville actress Allison Mack’s sentencing, federal prosecutors revealed earlier thanhand unacknowledged particulars about her cooperation in the direction of NXIVM cult chief Keith Raniere. She gave The federal authorities a recording roughly a month earlier than his trial displaying the mannequining ceremony into The key sisterhood of intercourse “slaves” that burned women with the cult chief’s initials.

Prosecutors revealed the extent of Mack’s cooperation for The primary time in a memorandum on Monday night, which argues for some leniency at her upcoming June Thirtieth sentencing in mild of her “substantial assist to The federal authorities.”

The memo explores how Mack detailed the inner workings of the “secret sisterhood” of Raniere’s slaves Usually acknowledged as DOS, brief for Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which was uncovered by the Ny Occasions in 2017:

Mack additionally provided particulars relating to crimes dedicated by completely different first-line DOS “masters,” collectively with tasks to “seduce” Raniere and efforts To Search out Raniere a virgin “successor.” Mack detailed Raniere’s position in devising tasks for Mack’s“slaves,” collectively with, amongst completely different factors, Raniere’s repeated requests for nude pictures from Mack’s DOS “slaves”; Raniere’s instructions relating to the “seduction” task; and Raniere’s encouragement of Using demeaning and derogatory language, collectively with racial slurs, to humiliate DOS “slaves.”

Prosecutors name it “extremely probably” that Mack’s public responsible plea impressed her co-conspirators to Adjust to go well with, noting that Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and NXIVM bookkeeper Kathy Russell did so weeks after she admitted to racketeering and a associated conspiracy rely. Mack had provided information to The federal authorities about Bronfman’s position intimidating DOS victims, prosecutors say.

Mack additionally provided information relating to Bronfman’s makes an try to harass and threaten DOS victims, As properly as to Bronfman’s efforts to provoke a felony cybercrime investigation in the direction of A particular person Bronfman believed to be essential of Raniere and NXIVM. Mack additionally provided related e-mails, paperwork and recordings to The federal authorities.

Maybe Most confacetrably, Mack provided The federal authorities with a recording that, at trial, served as essential proof of Raniere’s position in devising the mannequining ceremony By which DOS “slaves” have been mannequined with A emblem that, unacknowledged to them, represented Raniere’s personal initials.

As described in courtroom paperwork, that tape confirmed Raniere apparently instructing Mack on holding women dpersonal “virtually like a sacrifice” and exerting administration over them by way of “collateral.”

Raniere: Do you assume The One which’s being mannequined Ought to be utterly nude And Sort of held to the desk like a, Type Of Almost like a sacrifice? I don’t know if that, that’s A sense of submission, You understand. So, [unintelligible]
Mack: Yea
Raniere: Ah, You Can additionally Really videoing it, and videoing it ah from completely different angles or no matter provides collateral.
Mack: Mmhm
Raniere: So, it in all probability Ought to be a extra weak place Sort of a factor.
Mack: Okay
Raniere: Laying on the again, legs barely, or legs unfold straight like, like ft, ft being held to the facet of the desk, palms in all probability above The prime being held, virtually like being tied dpersonal, like sacrificial, no matter.
Mack: Okay.
Raniere: And the particular person should ask to be mannequined.
Mack: Okay
Raniere: Ought to say, please mannequin me It Might be an honor, or one factor like that. An honor I even Want to put on for The Reprimaryder of my life, I don’t know.
Mack: Okay
Raniere: They typinamey need to in all probability say that earlier than they’re held dpersonal, so it doesn’t Appear to be They’re being coerced.
Mack: Okay

Prosecutors say that The federal authorities “was not earlier thanhand in possession” of that recording, and Mack’s cooperation was “by no means publicly introduced,” although notes from her proffer durations have been provided to Raniere’s protection group beneath seal.

Mack’s sentencing ideas differ is calculated between 14 and 17.5 years in jail.

Citing her assist, prosecutors need U.S. District Decide Nicholas G. Garaufis To condemn her under that. Mack’s victims are anticipated To converse at her sentencing listening to.

Study The federal authorities memo under:

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